Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal is one of the last remaining producers of hand-blown and hand-cut full lead English crystal. They only use traditional glass-making methods, and their team of highly skilled artisans are committed to making crystal of both traditional and contemporary designs.

Cumbria Crystal and David Shuttle have been selling the finest British crystal together since the turn of the millennium. However, the Cumbria Crystal story began much earlier in the 20th century.

Cumbria Crystal is renowned for various unique reasons. In production, they are known to produce only the highest standard of brilliantly clear lead crystal, using only traditional handmade methods. They can do this because the factory is the last surviving of its kind in the UK. Their company size and stringent quality standards ensure exclusive products for all clients, and their in-house skills enable them to offer an unrivalled bespoke service for luxury crystal.

The most commercial aspect to Cumbria Crystal is the fact that the Grasmere Range features on the hit British TV programme Downton Abbey, which is broadcast in over 100 countries. All dining or drinking scenes feature the Lords and Ladies sipping from the beautiful different pieces of glassware, as well as the head Butler using the elegant matching servingware.

Grasmere is just one of the many ranges David Shuttle supply from Cumbria Crystal. Other popular ranges include the exquisite Helvellyn Range and the more contemporary yet striking Ambleside Range.

The people of Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal are a company with a small, close-knit community. Everyone from their Master Craftsmen to their lovely apprentices in their factory are essential to the production of the luxury crystal.

Working together efficiently and with a real pride in their work, all these members of the team make Cumbria Crystal the brand it is today.

Operations Manager Beverley Frankland ensures the smooth running of the factory and that their quality standards remain high.

Master glassmaker David Sharp leads a small team of 14 gifted artists to produce high quality hand-blown and hand-cut full lead English crystal from the small factory in the Lake District.

The team is made up of highly skilled craftspeople, embodying a range of traditional artisan craftsmanship skills, from blowing to cutting to engraving, all done by hand with precision and expertise.

Technical Manager Richard Lloyd ensures the brand new, state-of-the-art Italian furnaces are working efficiently and that all the complex equipment is cared for and maintained, and that we are able to develop and maintain our skills and techniques.